Customized clothing for women

How It Works


Join us in-person, where we will measure you from head to toe and walk you through our entire collection. Every piece will be made to your unique body, and you can shop online for future purchases.

Book a session with us today by emailing bespoke@dalyanyc.com. For NYC-area customers only (more locations coming soon!).

Shop Online

Browse our entire collection and select from our extended size range and half-sizes to discover your unique piece. Just pick your base style and let our online Customizer walk you through the rest.

Still looking for some styling help or want custom measurements? You can book a virtual session with our founder and style expert, Farida, by clicking here.

Two ways to shop. You can always customize your fabric, silhouette, trims and details. We’ll create your piece and ship to you in three weeks.


We believe that, empowered women empower women.

Giving Back

One woman’s success is success for us all. We reject the notion that it is each of us for herself. We reject the notion that every woman is an island.

Instead, we believe that something magical happens when we support one another. That is why we pledge to pay it forward, giving a portion of each sale to Dress for Success ®.


Our Mission

We give every woman the freedom to dress the way she wants to be addressed. For too long, custom clothing has been reserved for men. DALYA is a tool for you to create custom pieces that you’ll actually want to wear, the way you want to wear them.

We empower women to live life the way they want to. We create a space for women who may have felt forgotten and a place where all women are celebrated.

We are here to celebrate women who challenge the status quo. We aren’t just a brand—we are a movement, a family committed to giving women what they want, how they want it.

Let’s Lead Together @DALYANYC