Fully customizable clothing for women, by women. Pick all the design details of your perfect piece, from fabric to buttons, lining, pockets and more.

We have two ways to shop, both ship to you in 3 weeks:

Made to Order: Customers can visit the DALYA website to select their favorite fabric, trims, silhouette, and size. DALYA will then craft a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to their choices.

Made to Measure Bespoke: DALYA takes customization to the next level with in-person or virtual appointments where style experts capture custom measurements. Customers can then choose from an expanded fabric and trim library, including the option for custom linings, to create clothing that fits their body perfectly.



DALYA Press Kit


I feel super confident and sexy..as well as powerful in this suit. I love the length of it and the fit of it.

Shermin Lakha - Founder of LVLUP Legal

Finally a suit that fits my long arms!

Erin Reddan - Founder of ECR Vitners

They fit me to perfection...This is so fucking cute. The best part is the blazer, it just gives boss bitch energy, like I'm about to walk into the boardroom.

Serena Kerrigan - Influencer & Queen of Confidence @serenakerrigan


For press inquiries, please contact: Benjamin Ayer