Scarves are like a best friend: comfy, reliable and go with anything. She can also make you look really good. Throw her on a bag, tie her around your neck or wrist-the options are endless. She's one of our favorite accessories and we wouldn't be seen without her. Here's some tips on styling her up!

Around Your Wrist as a Bracelet

Add a dash of color to your wrist by wrapping a vibrant scarf around it. This simple trick instantly injects personality into your look. Tie it in a knot or a bow for a charming touch, or let it flow freely for that effortless vibe. 

scarf around wrist

Around Your Neck

A classic and timeless way of accessorizing your look. Try a sleek and chic knot or a loose, flowing drape. A bolder pattern always makes a statement, while a simple monogram adds a bit of luxury and sophistication.

scarf around neck

As a Sash or Decorative Belt

Give your waistline some definition by using your scarf as a sash or belt. Cinch your dress at the waist with a colorful scarf to instantly create a flattering silhouette. Try experimenting with different patterns to add a little something extra to your look.

scarf around waist

In Your Hair

Tie it around a ponytail or bun for a cleaned up look, or create a relaxed headband by wrapping it around your head. Not only is this a chic way to show off your style, it's very practical to keep your hair in place.
scarf in hair