We'll keep saying it: a suit made for a woman is individual and powerful, not just a copy of a man's suit. It's more than just wearing oversized blazers or an old suit from your dad. A suit fit for a woman as unique as you is about proper fit, elevated design details and features that only a woman can use. Here's what to look for when you are shopping for that perfect suit:

It should fit your shoulders

More recently, the trend has definitely been wider shoulders; but, a perfectly fitting blazer will have a shoulder that stops right at the end of your actual shoulders, not an inch more or less. To test if it's the right fit, throw on the blazer and stand against a wall (with your shoulder towards the wall). If your shoulder and the blazer's shoulder pad hit the wall at the same time, it's a winner!

Avoid the 'Boyfriend' cut

Oversized may be in, but that doesn't mean you should be swimming in suit. An oversized blazer feels more relaxed, is fun to wear over a chunky sweater and adds instant flare to any look. But, it should still be made to look flattering on a woman's body, look for a defined waist that is double-breasted, an oversized lapel for balance, and a slightly longer length. If you are looking for a oversized coat style blazer, just size up on our best-selling Coco Oversized Blazer.

The same goes for wide leg trousers, look for a high waisted silhouette and hem to your desired length, depending on the shoes you usually wear. Add some side adjusters for the perfect fit (more on that below!).

coco oversized blazer and farida wide leg pant

Coco Oversized Blazer & Farida Wide Leg Pant

It should feel comfortable around your chest

Ideally, you should be able to wear a blazer both closed and open and feel just as good both ways. Make sure there is as little bunching or pulling as possible around your chest area.

Look for the right pocketing

Did you know women's blazers rarely come with the same pocketing that men's blazers do? We think those should come standard, for those days when you don't want to carry a purse or just need the essentials with you at all times. The DALYA line of blazers comes with a tampon or lipstick pocket and a couple of phone or wallet pockets.

Flap pockets are also available on many of our blazers, which can be opened to make usable storage.

pocketing on blazers

Internal Pocketing on our Blazers

Sleeve lengths should be right on point

We tend to prefer a longer sleeve, we think there is nothing more chic than a woman with a sleeve of the right length. A sleeve should end somewhere between your wrist and thumb knuckle. When buying a blazer, make sure you try bending your arms in it to make sure the sleeve doesn’t scrunch up too much when your arms are bent.

Go with a brand that knows sizing

We know that no two woman's bodies are the same. Ever been between a size? Or you select your usual size, only to get it home or you try it on in the dressing room and it doesn't fit? We did too-which is why we set out to create a sizing system that is as inclusive as it is specialized, and always made to fit a women's body.

Instead of a standard numeric size chart, we created a system for our tops with smaller size steps. If you are in-between sizes, just select the half size! All our bottoms are shoppable by waist size regardless of the rise of the pant.

If you want something even more custom, we offer a Made to Measure Bespoke service.

Also look for side adjusters to adjust the fit of your pants, which you don't usually find on women's pants. Maybe you are feeling a little bloated that day or extra skinny, with a side adjuster you can always change the waist width of your pants for a perfect fit. You shouldn't have to feel bad about how your pants are fitting on any given day!

cleo blazer farida pant tamara pant maya blazer

Cleo Cropped Blazer with Farida Wide Leg Pant & Maya Single Breasted Blazer with Tamara Straight Leg Pant

Invest in quality over quantity

A few well made suits can be mixed and matched to create endless wardrobe options that always look fresh. Start with a few simple options in blacks, grays, blues and camels. Then, pick out a patterned suit that can be a bolder option when you need it.

It's always a good idea to invest in some evening style suiting, too. When picking an evening blazer, we recommend starting with a shawl collar blazer with slightly shorter sleeves to show off your jewelry. Our Diana Blazer is perfect for that night out on the town.

Camel Three-Piece Suit from our Workwear Capsule & Silver Floral Jacquard Suit from our Evening & Bridal Collection