Made to Measure Bespoke Bridal

Bespoke is a garment that is entirely made from scratch using the wearer’s unique body measurements. When it comes to bridal, you now have the chance to create a fully custom piece for your special day.

Our made to measure bespoke program is all about creating a garment that is tailor-made to your unique body. Available in-person or virtually, you'll be able to customize each part of your garment from fabric, lining, buttons, garment lengths, lapel style and more-with the extra perk of custom measurements. Because you are going completely custom, you'll have access to our full library of exclusive fabrics, trims, buttons, custom linings, embroideries and more-that aren't available in our Made to Order line.

If you are in the NYC-area, one of our tailors will measure you. If you opt for a virtual appointment, we will walk you through how to get your measurements on a video call. We will enter your measurements into a customer account, so you can easily shop online at

We are making made to measure bespoke clothing accessible and affordable for women everywhere. Our low and one-time bespoke measurement fee means you only need to get measured once, and then you pay the made to order prices on our website and shop for anything else you may need around your special day and beyond. We'll make everything in your custom size. It's the easiest way to dress the way you want to be addressed.

Your Bespoke Bridal Experience

We make every part of your time with us special.

The set up:

  • Our Full Fabric Line of over 500 Fabrics;
  • Outfits to try on;
  • Buttons, Lining and everything in between to customize your unique garment;
  • Custom embroidery options;
  • Our Master Tailor ready to measure so the attendees can also buy after the event; and,
  • The DALYA Style Expert that will walk through all the options and help you pick the perfect piece.

Shop with your custom size

But wait! There's more...Once you have had your first initial bespoke measurements taken, we will be sending you an email to set up your DALYA account. Your account will contain all your body measurements as well as your order history.

You can then place all future orders online using our customizer and by simply selecting the “use my bespoke measurements” option for sizing. All garments will be made using the measurements we have on file for you!

If needed, you can adjust or amend any measurements by reaching out to us for a virtual re-fit.

Our Blushing Brides

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