Every woman's body is beautiful and different. Each tip will not be for everyone, but here are a few broad pointers to keep in mind!

1. Neckline

Don't be afraid of a V, square, off the shoulder or sweetheart neckline.

Simple showing off your neck and a little collarbone can create an elongating effect for the torso. A higher neckline can make the chest appear larger and the torso shorter.

nawal vest and maya blazer

2. Blazers

Our Maya blazer or Audrey blazer would be great staple pieces for your wardrobe, wearing them open is a great way to create vertical lines on the body.

Selecting a "long" option for blazer length is also a good way to achieve those proportions.

diana blazer and maya blazer

Audrey Tuxedo Blazer in Black Paisley & Maya Single-breasted Blazer in Navy Pinstripe

3. Highlight that waist

Make sure to highlight that great figure with well fitted pieces that do not create extra volume around the chest.

farida blazer and coco blazer

4. Smaller Scale

If you are a print girl, go for ones that are smaller scale. They make it so the eye isn't focused on one point but rather a head to toe line.

cleo cropped blazer and aida coat

Cleo Cropped Blazer in Pink Lime Tweed & Aida Overcoat in Blue Grey Check

5. Embrace the Midriff

A cropped top will bring attention to your waist and instantly creates that hourglass silhouette by balancing out the top and bottom of your body.

cleo blazer and coco blazer

6. Choose the Right Fabric

Avoid fabrics that add extra volume onto the body and bust. Explore our fabrics for more information.

Ready to shop looks for fuller busts? Head to the DALYA store and start customizing your perfect piece today.