Every woman's body is beautiful and different. Each tip will not be for everyone, but here are a few broad pointers to keep in mind!

1. Go for fitted or regular fit

Not to say you can't do oversized, but a regular fit or something closer to the body will help create the illusion of vertical length rather than horizontal width on a smaller frame.


A cropped blazer is a great option that can help elongate your look and is a great way to add some extra dimensions.

A double breasted blazer, when worn closed, can help highlight that little waist even more. A single-breasted blazer is a good everyday option if you are going to wear it open.

cropped cleo blazer and farida double breasted blazer


High waisted bottoms are a petite gals BFF, and honestly, they look flattering on most body types. High waisted options on any of our pant style gives the illusion of longer legs and vertical length.

farida pant tamara high waisted

2. Stripes are your go-to

Vertical stripes that is. It's all about proportions-vertical stripes will keep the eye looking on a vertical line, creating an elongated look.

shermin lakha in black and brown vertical stripes and model in blue pinstripe

Double-breasted Farida Blazer in Black and Brown Stripe & Single-breasted Maya Blazer in Navy Pinstripe

3. Know Your Measurements

If you don't remember anything else, learn your ideal pant length & sleeve length. There is nothing worse than sleeves that are too long or pants that drag on the floor.

Try a bespoke service or try out half sizing to find a better fit.

4. Head to toe and you're ready to go

A full suit in one color is a great option for a petite frame. The one tone from H2T allows the eye to not harshly break proportions on the body and rather follow the vertical line it creates.

head to toe one color looks

Farida Blazer and Farida Pant in White & Maya Blazer and Tamara Pant in Olive

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