The TORI Blazer


You deserve to feel as powerful as any guy does on a random Tuesday.  You deserve to walk into any room with the same energy as all of the boy bosses!

Get your hands on this limited edition Cranberry custom TORI blazer. Tori Dunlap of "Her First $100k" hand picked every detail from the fabric to the style down to the custom "patriarchy’s worst nightmare” lining! 

Each order of this will be custom made to your size and will be delivered to you in three weeks!


  • 100% Light Weight Wool.
  • Pearlized Buttons. 
  • Dry Clean only.
  • Double Breasted Two Button.
  • Slightly Oversized.
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Did you make a difference in the life of another woman today? Did you make a difference in the world we are leaving for our children today? If you bought this DALYA piece, then you sure did both! Welcome to the family! Each family has a crest…a calling card…a symbol they wear proudly. Ours is the “A,” embroidered on our garments. We invite you to “Show us your A!”